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Al Maseia Touching the hearts of everyone

Al Sham Al Maseia Corporation has reached all of its customers with its products that touched their hearts with its unique taste. Al Sham Al Maseia achieved wide spread in the Saudi markets, reaching more than 4000 points of sale in different cities in the Kingdom. Al Sham Al Maseia has become close to everyone with the help of its accounts in various social media platforms that keeps on informing people in a stylish way that attracts hearts and draws attention.

Be Well Now in Markets

As a result of its vision of diversifying its products to suit the tastes of its customers, Al Sham Al Maseia has now provided Be well products, one of the most distinguished products in the food industry, with healthy ingredients and high quality ingredients, manufactured by skilled and specialized workers in biscuit manufacturing business, And there are two types available, the first type: whole grain biscuits and oatmeal chips, and whole grain biscuits and oatmeal chips with fruit


New Types Of Wafer

One of the products provided by Al-Sham Al Maseia Corporation, wafer stuffed with cream and milk chocolate, where the wafer receives with its taste, the satisfaction of our customers.
In response to the desire of our valued customers, Al-Sham Al Maseia Corporation has provided new types of wafer rolls as follows:
– wafer stuffed with chocolate.
– wafer stuffed with cookies and cream.
– wafer stuffed with hazelnut.
– wafer stuffed with vanilla.

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