Useful Info - الشام الماسية التجارية

The benefits of cardamom

Useful to expel toxins in the body
It is a natural fragrance for the mouth
Helps cure cold and headache
Helps to treat indigestion and bloating problems
Considered as a promoter of blood circulation
Helps improve metabolism in the body

The benefits of cocoa

Strengthen memory
Regulator of blood pressure level
Useful for skin cells
Protects narrow arteries
Reduced cholesterol level
Blood sugar regulator

The benefits of honey

An energy source and a good choice for athletes
Antibacterial and microbial
Prevention of diseases of the digestive system
Maintain the teeth and protect the gums
Useful for skin and eyes
Regulate blood pressure and increase hemoglobin

The benefits of oatmeal

Helps cure obesity
Reduces cholesterol
Good for heart health
Improves blood sugar level
Useful for skin diseases

The benefits of black bean

Cholesterol reduction
Promote hair and skin health
Improve the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema
Improve the symptoms of arthritis
Reduce stomach upset
Relieve symptoms of asthma

The benefits of fennel

Useful for slimming
Relieve colitis
Antihypertensive and allergy
Helps improve memory
Increases hair growth
Reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, and fight atherosclerosis

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